Kingston University “pow wow”

Its about leaving a Heritage TO Health... Simples

Its about using Heritage sites to nurse an individual with Health… Simples

This is the first official post of this new Heritage 2 Health blog for as much as I’ve been known to write about H2H in the past, I’ve made this wordpress account in particular to concentrate on the good work it does. H2H has organically grown and is now bigger than my personal blog could dream of and though I’ll continue to add to it with my rather eclectic personality, this is the place to highlight the great work H2H does. No better place to start than (be kind, learning sentence structure was all part of the rehab) the first submission I made about the walk up Leith Hill, as an organisation it really has moved strength to strength and (bold prediction) I believe that 2013 is going to be the best year to date.

This blog is the mark of the new year and with humanity surviving the end of the Mayan calendar (21/12/12) it means that the organisation’s vision can press on. 2012 marked quite a lot for the nation, but personally on Wednesday 22nd November it marked an event too big to be confined to my personal blog, no better example of the H2H machine. Those involved with Heritage 2 Health and strive to push it forward are merely parts, which made one past event the best example of the great work it does.

If "rep" is everything, and a logo has to "entice" undergraduates. I love how Kingston University don't have to try.

If “rep” is everything, and a logo has to “entice” undergraduates. I love how Kingston University don’t have to try.

How H2H and Kingston University work together to teach Medical Students how to make the correct judgements and find out somewhat about real life medical issues. Theresa, the teacher of a class and one of the H2H founders asked me the week before if I could go in and help in a Q&A’esque fashion to the 30-odd medical students, after all the good work she and H2H have done made my response an automatic yes. I’m by no means an expert or trying to be, but I know that the underlying feeling was “These medical students won’t be able to ask the questions to the patients on the ward, so no better chance”, that didn’t bother me at all.

That one and a half hours went by too fast for as soon as it started, it was over and with some amazing questions asked that really highlighted human curiosity as well as finding out those situations that didn’t involve medicine though some did. In a tongue-in-cheek way I’ll keep it to a patient-doctor confidentiality but at the same time I cant help but be encouraged about that class as the only thing I’ll point out from the whole thing is that though someone could be a medical-brain some level of human compassion goes a long way. I’ll sure the general reaction is duh, but people will be surprised how much it seems to disappear when a doctor or nurse gets their  diploma. In a segway for human compassion, to everyone reading this I hope New Years Eve was an enjoyable one and that 2013 delivers everything you put into it as it delivers the deserved level of happiness and cheer.


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