Sometimes It Snows In April

It’s the obvious title for many April blog entries but its an amazing song which had a cover for a new generation, I may be guilty of reading too much into situations but could it possibly be seen as a metaphor for any good work ever done? As much as various organisations, charities, and events form with the same ideals they can produce various results, if this is me thinking too much just ignore this intro.

Its official, nice weather in Dorking is a rarity. Raincoat and wellies were a welcome precaution

Its official, nice weather in Dorking is a rarity. Raincoat and wellies were welcome precautions

The past fortnight has been an uplifting and meaningful one for a couple of reasons both personally and generally for first up I gave a powerpoint presentation to a lecture theatre of student nurses at Kingston University which was an act I’d never had the confidence to do “before” but achieved that Monday with relative ease. That presentation was just a chronicle my “medical recovery” as well as my “life recovery”, highlighting how though I will be eternally grateful for the hospital with its doctors and nurses that saved my life and the halfway-house hospital afterwards (I requested a transfer to a hospital nearer family and friends). My amount of gratitude goes up to the next level when discussing The Wolfson (the original site in Wimbledon) for it was here as well as H2H that helped drum into my head you’re medically ok, but what are you going to do with your life now? though originally speechless when asked about such a big matter it now seems somewhat clearer. It was at the Wolfson during an conversation group consisting of some eight-patients that we were told the story of a previous survivor that was so driven to get back to work within two or three months of his stroke that he couldn’t keep up and the rest went south from there. No better example of the new perspective any individual needs after overcoming the odds. I can categorically say that between the Wolfson, H2H, my family, friends, Different Strokes, and a lot-a lot of faith I wouldn’t even be half the man I’am today. The other and more generally pleasing event was travelling with Theresa to Dorking on Wednesday to help plan out the 21st September event at Leith Hill.

“We” don’t stop living or in fact existing after these situations and giving up in such a situation simply isn’t an option. People that give up all hope and cease to function which works almost like a bye for whatever ailment is getting them down, so what side’s going to win if that individual isn’t even trying? Highlighted by one of the student nurses at the planning that in her experience the patients that recover the most are the ones that don’t give up hope, not at all easy but still possible. It was at the planning for Leith Hill that I met Gillian Gill and she is a fellow naysayer to the odds when the back is against the wall. She told her story to The Telegraph a while ago and has just gone from strength to strength since while reliving her story as well as mentioning her recovery techniques. No better example of we’re never alone as yes a stroke and cancer are different situations but we both wrote about our stories and we both find inspiration from the if life gives you lemons, make lemonade philosophy. After meeting Gillian its nice to only have more evidence that “we’re” never alone as its always possible to meet someone else that has roughly been in a similar position, no matter how tough it seems. If Gillian is only one example of what people overcoming life-altering events can achieve in a form of “reinventing themselves” then suffering the event isn’t the end, but in fact the beginning! – I can’t wait for the 21st September now as a lot got planned. Miss it, miss out.


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