Remember, Remember The Month of November

It feels like I missed a school trip... "Mega jeal" :\

It feels like I missed a school trip… “Mega jeal” :\

I know that its been a while H2H‘ers, that’s acknowledging the participants, volunteers, “back room staff”, you name it. Its a shame that life has thrown out a couple of spanners in the works but the intentions of this blog are still felt. Enough about me and my “epic fail”, just my way of hoping for a bit of understanding for the lack of input of late. Hopefully it’ll resume regular service soon enough, never easy and though I don’t like speaking for people I hope there’s a shared [paraphrased] view for anyone but survivors in particular can be acknowledged. “Any obstacle is there to be overcome”Never easy but my goodness the feel-good factor can’t be beat, for that, I need not say well done, but… “Well done”.

In highlighting my absence, its been one of self discovery and generally acknowledging my disability if I like it or not. Personally I’m only 27 years young so I have a lot to learn and even more to help me acclimatise to “this”. None of this is most likely news to the wisest of heads, that’s not necessarily an age thing, it could be an overcoming adversity thing.

All the same I hear about all of the amazing work H2H has been up to in my absence, but fingers crossed that great energy gets lifted into 2014 as it’s nearly that time already. All I know is I’m sure 2014 will be a better year not just personally, but when talking about the good work Heritage 2 Health does. That the arm of goodwill stretches further than ever before and that it continues what seems like a prime directive…

1) Set up events through English Heritage/National Trust sites for participants to interact in ways they may generally be granted such opportunities. – These participants may have less than “straight forward” health concerns and/or lives but the option is there and what an inconspicuous way to learn a thing or two about said heritage of this fine country.

Well two more days of November as I type this part at 22:00… How time flies. I’m sure its older than this, but this is how I heard it, appreciation indeed. Don’t count the days, make the days count.


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