JULY: 4th Of July (It’s by U2 though, that’s reason to choose it though not 4th of July)

I think its terrible I’ve been a bit lax recently on these blog posts. With the lovely weather, the cheery disposition of anyone in these summer months I really don’t have any reason sometimes. But could this be the microcosm of one possible aspect of stroke recovery, or my own stroke recovery? Sometimes biting off more than we can chew as yes the passion to write is there. But even hearing in psychotherapy along the way (“Shoutout” to Richmond Wellbeing Service) but ‘Good days’ and ‘Bad days’ aren’t that uncommon. Heck half of the things I learn about seem applicable to people that never suffered a life-altering issue. But such is life sometimes. Not one to play down a stroke, not one to play up a stroke but these are the golden words. I’m blessed I can say “well I’m fortunate all the same”… “Life goes on”. There’s that song, that sums it up.

Yes most songs seem intertwined with “love” but I’m an adult, I can adapt things to whatever I want to. I think though no human being can do it all by themselves. Those that can, kudos, but lets be honest to the fact that “two heads are better than one”. For that exact reason I accept how this some people can try and do it all by themselves. But other times it’s just not it is it, like a knocked down boxer sometimes but on our feet again by 9. For that exact reason I know I’ve been a bit weird on the blog numbers recently. But that desire, that heart, that reason to function. I’ve seen it in the days not just in the posts but in my life. I don’t speak for anyone in particular but getting knocked down isn’t special, it’s the staying down that is and I refuse to stay down. Trying to find a certain level of structure again, purpose and reason again but it really is a case of “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.”.


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