H2H Event Day – 8.7.16

Well the work H2H at it again as the day was a great advertisement of no person left behind as it most definitely produced just the thing like everybody needs across the board. I was a bit of a “ground zero” patient as people well know but then its been a bit of a while now since I first got involved with H2H so it’s a scheme that just shows as much as my personal involvement has somewhat reduced, the good work it does can’t be ignored.

This is all a personal account so if people don’t agree or have their own account of events, come along and experience one of the days as I just can’t believe how fast or how impressive the events are. And the enthusiasm hasn’t dwindled and only shown how great this event is. That time allowance like I said is a real concern now like I said and fatigue is a real concern as well so I just think events like this show how impressive and how beneficial H2H is. After a brief glimpse of Ham House it all just came back and if it came back for me, I’m sure it came back for many other connected to it and just shows how unforgettable as H2H is. I found myself simply loving the work it does as though the world goes on, so does the good work it does and no better example of the sheer efficiency and growth.

Either way when I arrived I took a couple of snaps of the welcoming party and of the good work H2H does, so good and so beneficial bumped into the fiance of one of the trainers at another charity I participated with “long the journey”. It was there I was introduced to Nathan, the man that stood out as good a man he is but I just couldn’t forget the good work of Different Strokes, that exercise programme did just that and I’m eternally grateful for it all. It all just came flooding back as its one of those moments when everybody congratulates you for all the work you’ve accomplished but then to stop and see it in progress is something else. This whole journey has taught me in the cruellest way “stop and smell the roses every now and again”, life has a way I suppose.

Either way to simply go around and take pictures of the events and the activities H2H bestow was a nifty thing to say the least as just to make sense of the issues any kind of disability raise though obvious, it was nice to think of something else for a while. H2H always does that, it doesn’t matter the disability as it covers it all, touching, tasting, feeling, smelling. It did just that and for that I’ll never forget it or them as no other participant should either, the friends made and the experiences had last beyond an afternoon.



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