Planning And Event And This Is The Moment It Sinked In

I can genuinely say I can empathise with those from Day 1 but even those that may have joined in on the fun come Day 5821 or however many it has been since that first plan. It means the sights, the sounds, the camaraderie… It’s all there and I saw the “third-eye effects” of this as I invited my friend James that I went to college with and as we all know “life is more enjoyable with friends” . James and myself have a rather “inside joke” about everything and it just told, friendships are the best when maybe we hadn’t seen each-other in ages but it works anyway. The running joke I had with James was “it’s good he was there as it was good to show off the good work that is H2H with somebody from my past and to show them that I’m sane and that all of it wasn’t a figment of my imagination.

Before getting into “the event day proper” was the order of the actual planning, and that was back in March ’17 and this was the place where it was decided that the theme of the day was going to be based around “Dreams”. A theme that sparked a plethora of ideas and suggestions and no better place, as it was here where the theme of planets and outer space came to mind as the idea of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars (I was part of team Uranus… Had to drill it into heads, it’s Ur-An-us as the obvious joke of Your-Anus is:
1) Not all that funny
2) Only more and more evidence that people need to act their age and not their shoe size

But other planets came to mind and it was the exact thing that really did spiral with ideas. In coming to a couple of those H2H events and plannings, it has seriously just got better and more and more efficient, in more time allowed between the planning and the event day itself it seems even more controlled and thought out and just shows how far H2H has come.

Now to the pista la resistance… The actual event day on Friday 7th July and my goodness it was something of an awakening as what happened was a genuine good feeling in me. I had invited my friend like I mentioned and he saw first hand the good work of H2H and how that mandate to “rescue people from isolation” was more than apparent. A number of charities and organisations were on show and the seeds were planted for users to talk with fellow users and organise their own activities and such and this is what H2H is all about as a bit of a personal declaration but I was starting to get a bit isolated myself. Not nearly as friendly or as smilely as I used to be and its for this that I just can’t thank H2H enough as in being a bit of a “patient zero” I can attest just how amazing and how good just an afternoon outside of four walls can be.

As each year rolls on the turn out is higher and higher and the help is only more and more handed then it all just shows how though “this” may be taking longer than I had originally hoped, this is life and even in the darkest of darks, there is some light but you just have to look long and hard but it’s there.

It was also here that a film crew asked about my involvement with H2H and the great work of Theresa Nash and the crew and how it all basically means that as an organisation it’s only getting more and more serious and more and more larger. Last word… Mary Holland for Prime Minister… Though that’s another blog for another time.


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