DECEMBER: A New Years Resolution… The “fresh start” for individuals that haven’t overcome a life altering issue ;)

Another December, another Christmas. Now this is where I’ve somewhat looked over Christmas Day and can say I prefer New Years Eve. I don’t care much for the 25th December because of the heartfilled but instantly “Its not Scaletrix” gifts, the big let down of no snow etc. Well now it’s been a December looking forward to the 31st… Am I growing up? Crimes. Until I have kids of my own I suppose.

All I know is though my family and friends have been known to say “knock off the stroke talk”, I’ve found a couple of exercise classes and a conversation group… That’ll calm things down. Well now there’s a chance for people not “suffering from a life altering illness” to use that “excuse”.

EVERYONE on this earth deserves a “mulligan”. A chance for a fresh start, to take that away would simply be inhumane. In my opinion anyway, what are you going to do with yours? Have you already made yours? Good luck 😀


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